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Please contact us with any inquires whether you are interested in our live auctions, an estate you are interested in selling or just looking for a particular item to purchase or pawn. Our selection is vast and many are not on our site as there is so much to share!


Pawning is basically taking a loan out, and using an item as collateral. If a person pawns an item, a price is agreed upon, and they get that money from the pawnbroker. When that happens, the customer gets a cash loan for 30 days at 25% interest (or interest agreed upon). When the customer comes back in 30 days, they pay for the item along with interest and receive the item. If the customer can not pay for the item, they can get an extension for 30 days as long as they pay the past due interest on time. If the payments are not paid on time, the pawnbroker can keep the item.

There is an interest charge, or fee in addition to the money loaned out that is agreed upon between you and Grannie Mae Antiques, Firearms, and Pawn prior to receiving cash. For example, you pawn a guitar for $100, for 30 days. When paid on time, you would owe the pawnbroker $125. (Interest charges vary depending on length of time and the particular item.) A quick loan for fast cash.

Estate Sales

Many families have loved ones who pass on or are moving and they have no idea what to do with all their belongings such as furniture, antiques and collectibles.Grannie Mae Antiques, Firearms, and Pawn will access the value of the entire estate or just some particular items and purchase them from you on the spot. Please call for more details.

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